The Archeological Park of Sriwijaya, Palembang

Not all tourists are familiar with the Archeological Park of Sriwijaya. It is a good vacation destination, after all. The past name was Karanganyar Site. In the past, this archeological site was a park and settlement under the reign of Sriwijaya Kingdom. It’s located near to Musi River, Palembang. The best attractions of this park are the ponds, canals, and the gutters. Not to mention there are some ancient relics. These represent the presence of an ancient community. No wonder, more tourists come to this location to witness the reminiscences of Sriwijaya Kingdom.

The Attractions in Sriwijaya Archeological Park
Musi River is famous for its ancient artifacts. It is because the north part of the river was an ancient settlement. Apart from the Archeological Park of Sriwijaya, there are other sites like Ladang Sirap, Bukit Seguntang, Padang Kapas, etc. Though, Karanganyar becomes the most famous site among tourists. It is situated near to Palembang city. The distance is about 4 km from the city. It is a perfect place for those who love history. Not to mention it offers a unique ambiance.

Tourists are able to find old oil lamps, ceramics, fibers, and much more. These artifacts were recovered by the government. These become the proof of the ancient settlement. There are also some displays of inscriptions. In fact, these are the best attraction in the Archeological Park of Sriwijaya. Most of the tourists visit the park due to these epigraphs. They want to learn and see Kota Kapur inscription, Talang Tuo, Kedukan Bukit, and other inscriptions. Though, these are the replicas. The real ones are kept in Jakarta.

The inscriptions are mostly about the curses of the King. Actually, it was an efficient way to get people’s obedience. Apart from the epigraphs, there is also a famous giant oar. The length is about 8 meters. This unique item was found in 1960. It becomes the proof of the ancient maritime community. The size is quite big and it becomes one of the best attractions of the park.Many people are wondering how big the ship could be.

The Archeological Park of Sriwijaya is quite vast. It is suitable for a family vacation. The only issue is the cleanliness. The local government should put more attention to it. Despite this matter, the park is worth a visit. Apart from the artifacts, there are also manmade islands. The names are Nangka and Cempaka Island. This archeological park should have been one of the best tourist attractions in Palembang. However, it lacks popularity. Most of the visitors are locals. Therefore, a promotion is compulsory to attract more tourists, especially from other cities and countries.

How to Get There
In order to reach this amazing park, tourists can use a public transport. The direction is Benteng Kuto Besak. Next, they can take another public transportation to Tangga Buntung. Karanganyar site or the Archeological Park of Sriwijaya is situated in Syakhyakirti Street, Gandus Palembang. Therefore, the next destination should be Gandus. It can be reached either by minibus or by foot. The distance is about 2 km.

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