The Uniqueness of Bari Bajumi Traditional House Palembang

Rumah Bari means traditional house of Palembang. The other name is Rumah Limas. Today, it is a little bit difficult to find such old-style house. Fortunately, there is Baru Bajumi traditional house. It has been an interesting vacation destination in Palembang. The house lies in Mayor Ruslan Street. The house belongs to a famous person, Bajumi Wahab. It was built in 1961. At the first time, the house was constructed in Tandjung Sedjaro. In the next year, it was moved to Palembang using a cruiser.

Exploring Bari Bajumi Traditional House
It was an amazing decision. Some might wonder how people could move a house. Well, Limas is a flexible house. It applies no nails and it is made of woods. It was easy to move such house back then. During the reconstruction, the house was modified into a modern style. Though, it retained its traditional ornaments. Today, Bari Bajumi becomes a famous tourist spot in Palembang. People come here to enjoy a cultural retreat. Tourists will be impressed by its unique structure and traditional ambiance.

There is a guest book inside. Visitors should write their name on it. All of the furniture and ornaments are authentic. These represent Palembang’s traditional culture. There are antique cabinets, chairs, tables, and other engraved furniture. The house applies bold and calm colors. Overall, there are many things to learn and see here. Rumah Bari Bajumi portrays a tradition and way of living of local people of Palembang. Not to mention it also displays numerous artistic and valuable arts and furniture.

The main room was the place for gathering. In the past, many guests came and discussed something in this room. The room features antique furniture and arts. In both the sides of the house, there are two rooms for boys. These are located in the front part of the house. Local people believed that these boys might protect their family, so they put their rooms in the foremost of the house. There is also a kitchen. Tourists can find many traditional kitchen tools here. Near to the kitchen, there is also a room for the elders.

Visiting the Graveyard
In the yard, there is a park, a guard house, a family cemetery, a guard house, and an orchard. The cemetery is situated in the right part of the house. There are the tombs of Bajumi, his wife, and his mother. The walls and the roof of this graveyard are coated by brass. There are also bamboo ornaments on the roof. Tourists should never miss this part of the house. Overall, Rumah Bari Bajumi has been a symbol of traditional culture in Palembang. It is also an icon of Limas or traditional house of this Province.

How to Get There
An access to Bari Bajumi Traditional House is easy. Tourists can come from the main city of Palembang. There are many public vehicles available. Mostly, people may ride an angkot (minibus). The destination is IBA. Thus, they should use the Ampera-Lemabang line. Once they reach IBA, they can take a little walk. The house is nearby. Actually, there is a unique trademark of this house. In the yard, there is a horse statue.

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