Musi II Bridge as an Alternative Tourist Spot

Many attractions are ready to explore. Palembang becomes a top tourist destination recently. One of the reasons to visit this big city is to learn its history. Many historical sites are quite interesting. Tourists have been familiar with Kuto Besak Fort and Ampera Bridge. What about the other places? Apart from those tourist spots, there is also a unique landmark. The name is Musi II Bridge. Actually, it is a duplicate of the previous bridge. It is located in Gandus and Kertapati District. It becomes an alternative tourist attraction in Palembang.

About Musi II Bridge
The Musi II Bridge is not as famous as Ampera Bridge. It is a fact. That doesn’t mean it is not worth a visit. Local people use the bridge to cross the river. It functions as a connection between specific districts to others. Tourists may expect many cars, trucks, and other types of vehicles here. Also, the bridge is also used as a lane for heavy trucks. Even though the condition of the bridge isn’t quite satisfying, it is considered useful.

Musi II Bridge has the length of 697 meters and the width of 11 meters. Those, who want to visit Kertapati, should pass this bridge from Gandus. In terms of shape, the bridge is similar to a rainbow. It features some curves. The color of the bridge is red. There is also a small park with flowers. Not to mention there is a seating. Here, visitors are able to relax and watch the solemn river. No wonder, many tourists come here for relaxing. Most of them are teenagers.

Today, Musi II Bridge becomes a popular destination for fishing. Many local people come here in the afternoon. They want to spend a good time and catch some fishes in Musi River. The only downside is the facilities. There is no food stand. Tourists should carry some snacks and drinks. Also, there is no guard post. Visitors should take care of themselves, especially those with kids. The river can be quite dangerous for careless people.

Some Precautions
When spending a good time in Musi II Bridge, tourists must prepare a camera. They should take some beautiful pictures around the bridge. There are many interesting objects like river water, the structure, strangers, and much more. Though, taking the right angle can be quite tricky. Some parts of the bridge are good for a distant angle. On the contrary, the other parts are good for a close angle. Some good photography skills will be quite helpful, for sure. Another precaution is the vehicle. Tourists should park their vehicle safely.

How to Get There
Musi II Bridge is situated in Mayjen Yusuf Singedekane Street. It is in Keramasan, Kertapati. From Palembang city, tourists can either use a car or minibus. The trip takes about 1-2 hours. It can be more than that. Sometimes, the road is quite crowded. Many trucks and cars use the same bridge to reach Kertapati. Also, the weather is hot during summer. It is better to carry bottled water or some fresh drinks. Snacks would be helpful, as well.

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