Visiting Many Attractions Near to Simpang Rambutan, Palembang

Palembang has many regions. Local people are familiar with Simpang Rambutan. Though, tourists don’t know much more about it. It is because Jambi also has Simpang Rambutan. When in Palembang, tourists have different reasons to visit this area. There are many attractions located near to Simpang Rambutan. Thus, it becomes a popular destination among tourists. Not to mention it is easy to reach. Some of the famous tourist attractions are JSC, OPI mall, and OPI Water Fun. On top of that, they can eat local dishes like Empek-empek.

An Adventure around Simpang Rambutan
The first tourist attraction near to Simpang Rambutan is Jakabaring Sports City. Local people call it JSC. As the name suggests, it is the place for popular sports activity. There is also an iconic stadium. Many sports events had been conducted here. These included Sea Games. Tourists can do many various activities in its sports venues. Most of them enjoy volley, swimming, and much more. In fact, there is a shooting range. After all, JSC is the pride of Jakabaring and Simpang Rambutan.

Near to Simpang Rambutan, tourists can visit a majestic mall. It is OPI Business Center. The mall is also called a family entertainment center. As the name implies, it is a good retreat for tourists, especially families. There are 5 levels so visitors can explore numerous attractions inside. There is a hypermarket, a cinema, food stands, jewelry stores, optics, games, etc. The mall combines a luxury and local architecture. Moreover, most of the products are made locally. Local government offers ample spaces for local small business here.

Next, Simpang Rambutan is also near to Ogan Permata Indah Water Fun. This place is always crowded. Tourists come here to do many things. They come with friends, families, and kids. This place is a perfect destination for water sports. Most of the visitors are families. They come during weekends and holidays. Thus, tourists should expect crowded and noisy atmosphere here. The best time to visit OPI Water Fun is during working days. It is spacious and peaceful.

Another attraction in Simpang Rambutan is local culinary. Like other parts of Palembang. Tourists can enjoy Empek-Empek. It is an iconic food in Palembang. All visitors shouldn’t miss it. No worries. Simpang Rambutan offers many local eateries to enjoy Empek-empek and other types of local foods. Local people even may teach tourists how to eat correctly. They need to dip Empek-empek to the cuko and bite it one at a time. Next, they should drink the cuko slowly. There are two different types of cuko. First, it is sweet. The other one is spicy.

How to Get There
From Palembang city, tourists can take a minibus or taxi. They may pass through Ampera Bridge choose the OPI line. Once they reach the fork, they need to turn left. This is the path to reach Simpang Rambutan. In order to visit many attractions around Simpang Rambutan, they can simply hire an ojeck. This helps them get around easily. There are also some recommended accommodations. They can rent a room that comes with an affordable price.

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