Rystam Efendi Street

City Bar & Restaurant
Jendral Sudirman Street 589
Phone: (0711) 26710

Grand Park Coffe Shop
Dr. Susilo Street 1A
Phone: (0711) 42550

Veteran Street 86-88
Phone: (0711) 23614

Sari Bundo
Jendral Sudirman Street

Pasific Hotel
Yos Sudarso Street 58
Phone: (0711) 42218


MM Restaurant
Mayor Ismail Husin Street 796
Phone: (0735) 321001

Pempek Emil Kedai
Dr Setiabudi Street 88
Phone: (0735) 324728

Pondok Pinang Pegagang Restaurants
Raya Beringin Street
Phone: (0735) 324187

Roxy 26 Restaurant
Brigjen Slamet Riyadi Street 226
Phone: (0735) 322443

Sate Tegal Restaurant
Dr Moch Hatta Street 1083
Phone: (0735) 323924

Aneka Rasa Restaurant
Jend A Yani Street Km 3/1112
Phone: (0735) 327071

Bayu Mas Restaurant
Laks L Re Martadinata Street 846
Phone: (0735) 321532

Ezan Restaurant
Gotong Royong Street
Phone: (0735) 326053

Kotabaru Restaurant
Jend A Yani Street Km 3,5
Phone: (0735) 321153

Mie Ayam Tomi Warung
Jend A Yani Street 333
Phone: (0735) 325183


Mawar Sari Restaurant
May Ruslan Street 1
Phone: (0731) 326277

Mutiara Baru Restaurant
Raya Kikim Puntang Street
Phone: (0731) 321420

Pioneerindo Gourmet International
May Ruslan II Street 1
Phone: (0731) 325111

Sari Minang Restaurant
May Ruslan II Street 38
Phone: (0731) 326570


Budi Minang Restaurant
Lintas Tmr Street
Phone: (0712) 335011

Jawa Timur Restaurant
Lintastimur Tugumulyo-Lempuing Street
Phone: (0712) 331192


Minang Setia Restaurant
Kel Mangun Jaya IV Street
Phone: (0712) 321723

Pempek Sinar Terang Toko
Letnan Muchtar Saleh 36-A Street
Phone: (0712) 321032

Wisata Minang Restaurant
Plg Lintas Tmr Street
Phone: (0712) 331412


Ansyori Warung
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 232
Phone: (0733) 323616

Aryaguna Restaurant
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 14
Phone: (0733) 322280

Ayam Kalasan Restaurant
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 242
Phone: (0733) 322120

B Mulia Restaurant
Lubuk Alung Market
Phone: (0751) 96057

Bobo Sea Food
Teuku Cik Ditiro Street 20
Phone: (061) 7951139

Bugi Lamo Restaurant
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 5
Phone: (0733) 324322

DD Restaurant
Sungai Abang Street
Phone: (0751) 697837

Deli Sea Food Restaurant
Dr Sutomo Street 216
Phone: (0761) 7953678

Kejora Restaurant
Jend Sudirman Street 01
Phone: (0733) 322034

Sari Bunda Restaurant
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 89
Phone: (0733) 324129

Megang Raya Restaurant
Jend A Yani Street 89
Phone: (0733) 322312

Sederhana Restaurant
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 279
Phone: (0733) 322547

Selera Restaurant
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street
Phone: (0733) 323654

Sigalan Jaya Restaurant
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 219
Phone: (0733) 321916

Simpang Raya Restaurant
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 209
Phone: (0733) 322641

Singgalang Jaya Restaurant
Air Temam I Street
Phone: (0733) 451383

Soni Café
Kom L Yos Sudarso Street 20
Phone: (0733) 325789

Sultan Hasanuddin Street 161
Phone: (061) 7953086

Padang Restaurant
Terminal Atas Market 17
Phone: (0733) 326246

Minang Fried Chickens
Dr Sutomo Street 20
Phone: (061) 7952429

Latest News

Exploring the Life of Toba Batak Tribe in Huta Tinggi Tourism Village

Lake Toba not only offers natural tourism, but also cultural tourism. One of the cultural attractions that can be visited is Huta Tinggi Village on Samosir Island, North Sumatra. This village offers tour packages with the life of the Batak people theme who live in the area. If you choose the tour package, visitors will participate in various local community activities, from milking buffalo, to enjoying the view of the lake on the hill. Playing Musical InstrumentsHuta Tinggi Village visitors will be greeted by the strains of traditional Batak music…

Bumi Ayu Temple, Muara Enim – South Sumatera

Bumiayu Temple Bumiayu temple is one of heritages from Hindu era. It located in coastal river of Lematang, administratively in Bumiayu village, Tanah Abang sub-district, Penukal Abab regency, Pematang Ilir. This temple is the only complex of temples in South Sumatra. Until today, there are less than 9 temples that been found in this area, and four of them have been restored, those are Temple 1, Temple 2, Temple 3 and Temple 8. This preservation has begun since 1990 till now. This temple complex covers an area of 75.56 ha,…

Siguntang Hill, Palembang

Compared to other areas in the vicinity, one of the attractions in the city of Palembang, South Sumatra has a higher contour, about 27 feet above sea level, and is touted as the highest position in the city. However, rather it is a privilege Siguntang Hill. Log into the region, people may think that this place is a garden complete with shady trees and benches that can be used to spend the day. But who would have thought if the Mount Siguntang is an important historic place, especially for Palembang.…

Dempo Mountain, Lahat – South Sumatra

Mount Dempo is one of the natural attractions Lahat regency. The highest mountain in South Sumatra, this can be achieved directly from Palembang by private vehicle for about 6 hours, a distance of over 295 km. Can also use the public bus from Lahat to Pagar Alam (60 km), and from here followed by another bus travel a distance of 9 km up to the plantation and tea factory mountainside. You can stay in the mess that is available while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery around it. But if you…

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