Enjoy a Good Holiday at Palembang Trade Center

Palembang is not only about natural tourism. It also offers great places for shopping. As for reference, there is Palembang Trade Center. Local people call it PTC. It was built in 2004. Today, many tourists and local people often come here for numerous reasons. The location is at R. Sukamto Street 8. It also becomes one of the biggest shopping centers in Palembang. It is famous for its strategic location and numerous items to buy. Not to mention it is surrounded by many accommodations.

Getting around Palembang Trade Center
At the first time, visitors will be amazed by the size of this mall. It is about 50,000 m2. The mall features a large parking lot so it is able to retain lots of cars. Palembang Trade Center features a ground floor and 19 venues. Each of the venues offers unique commodities and items. These include jewelry, toys, electronics, furniture, and much more. The building is quite majestic. It comes in 5 levels, an ATM center, DIVA karaoke, pet shop, restaurant, clinics, cafes, etc. It is the center of retreat. Any tourists can enjoy many things in the mall.

The thing is Palembang Trade Center also becomes a busy place for businessmen. The mall is surrounded by many offices. It is because the area is quite crowded. It is also the place for those who look for cheaper quality items. When tourists spend a vacation in Palembang, they can fulfill their desire for shopping. PTC offers many venues and good retreat spots. The mall also features different types of cafes and restaurants. Shoppers can eat delicious foods after getting around the mall.

One of the best eateries in Palembang Trade Center is the seafood express. Not only it has delicious foods, but it also features stunning interior. The restaurant applies a traditional theme with its wooden furniture. As the name suggests, they offer numerous types of seafood. The owner applies a comfortable and approachable theme for his restaurant. The purpose is to attract more visitors. There are other types of menu, as well. These include ifumie, Indonesian fried rice, etc. The prices are affordable, too.

Tourists can find some clothing venues in Palembang Trade Center. After all, it is a part of a shopping experience. That doesn’t mean tourists need to buy clothes. They can simply enter the venues and try some beautiful clothes. Once they have found the best one, they need only to purchase it. There are numerous types of outfits to try. What’s more? The mall also features bookstores. Reading some books and buying favorite novels are good things to do in this mall.

How to Get There
Palembang Trade Center is located at R.Sukamto 84, East Ilir II Palembang. It is easy to reach the mall. From Palembang city, tourists can ride a minibus. The trip is about 1 hour. Since the mall is located in a strategic area, it is easy to find. The mall is surrounded by offices, small shops, hypermarkets, and much more. Not to mention the building is quite enormous and iconic. Everyone can spot it without hassles.

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