Hanging around the Dermaga Point in Kuto Besak, Palembang

There are many famous places in Palembang. Almost all tourists are familiar with Musi River and Kuto Besak Port, and Ampera Bridge. Well, these are the icons of the city. Does it mean there is no other place to visit? Tourists should also reach the Dermaga Point. It is one of the best locations to chill out. This place was used as a pier for any boats passing by the Musi River. The government has turned it into a comfortable area for tourists. Today, many visitors come here for enjoying either the day or evening.

What People Do in Dermaga Point
Dermaga Point consists of two levels. It is located near to Kuto Besak Fort. A ground floor is a place for culinary adventure. There are numerous food stands here. The variety of eateries becomes one of the attractions of this place. In fact, there is even a Padang restaurant. People enjoy delicious foods while looking at the beautiful scenery of Ampera Bridge and Musi River. The best time to eat is at night. The lights of the Ampera and the city make it merrier. It also becomes a romantic place to eat dinner, actually.

The next floor is a convention hall. Local people call it Ampera Convention Center. They often rent it for numerous events. These include a music concert, meeting, wedding, and much more. The hall can accommodate up to 2000 guests. It is an ideal place for throwing an event. Thanks to the strategic location and its enormous capacity. The guests can see the Musi River from above. It is also located near to SMB II museum. That means everyone can find it easily.

Dermaga Point is an ideal place for relaxing. It is surrounded by the most famous Palembang attractions like Ampera Bridge, Musi River, and much more. Many people come here to get rid of their stress. This place is also famous among couples. They want to enjoy a beautiful evening here. Plus, they are able to eat some great foods in Dermaga Point. Nothing is better than this. Not to mention they can meet other people and make some new friends.

Some tourists love Dermaga Point due to its unique landmark. They carry a camera and take some pictures around this location. Apart from photography, they also want to witness local activity. People in Palembang often use a traditional boat to cross the Musi River. When it comes to facilities, Dermaga Point provides toilets, ample space of parking lot, and much more. There are also many food stands and restaurants on the ground floor of Dermaga Point.

How to Get There
This attractive tourist spot is located in Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Street. From the Palembang city, tourists can ride numerous transportation services like Trans Musi, ojeck, taxi, or minibus. If they come from Merdeka Street, they need to head to Rumah Bari Street and turn left. If they ride a minibus, they need to choose the Ampera line. Once they reach the location, they can find many facilities. In fact, they can rent a local boat for a tour in Musi River. This is going to be a great vacation.

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