An Exceptional School in Palembang – Sekolah Alam Palembang

Sekolah Alam Palembang or the nature school of Palembang has attracted many tourists these days. It is because the school offers a unique education method. As the name suggests, the students get their education while enjoying the beauty of nature and the breeze of the fresh air. The concept is to promote a natural way of learning. Hopefully, it can prevent the boredom so students can learn in an efficient manner. This becomes the reason why tourists often come here. The location is at Putri Kembang Dadar Street, Bukit Siguntang.

An Education Retreat in Palembang
Once tourists reach this unique school, they may find some kids around. Here is the thing. All of the students don’t wear a uniform! The school only requires a neat, clean, and appropriate outfit. There is no formality at all. Students can learn in a free and comfortable manner. The nature school has become a great alternative for students. It promotes motivation, freedom, activeness, and fun. That means kids are able to learn several good things like farming, recycling, learning about organic foods, and much more. They will be closer to nature.

What makes nature school a worthy tourist spot? Visitors can join the activity. They can witness how these kids learn with nature. The school empowers them to do an experiment and discuss something. The purpose is to enhance the creativity of these kids. It also helps them to train their logical thinking. Not to mention they can be more motivated and confident. There is no restriction and burden. This is a good way to learn some skills.

Apart from such interesting way of learning, there are many other attractions. Tourists can explore the environment near to the nature school of Palembang. One thing, there is no building at all. The medium is the nature itself. There are only some wooden dividers in the midst of wilderness. Due to this reason, the owner doesn’t need to spend much money in constructing this school. Just because there is no formal building, doesn’t mean the quality is bad. This school focuses on the quality of teaching, resources, and methodologies.

An educative retreat becomes more interesting among tourists. In the nature school of Palembang, visitors can witness enthusiastic students. These kids learn something different than those of formal schools’. Tourists are able to take pictures with these kids and join them in an experiment. One thing, they should get permission from the owner and teacher first. Actually, it is an easy task. The school represents the freedom, after all. It will be an amusing vacation in Palembang.

How to Get There
Sekolah Alam Palembang is located in Bukit Siguntang. It is easy to reach this location. In fact, it is located in the midst of Palembang city. Tourists only need to ride a public transportation and head to Ampera-Bukit Besar. This line directly heads to Bukit Siguntang. Once they reach the location, they need to take a little walk to the nature school. It won’t take long. Also, there are some accommodations nearby. They can even find Empek-empek food stands.

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