Relaxing at Tanjung Senai Bridge in Indralaya, Palembang

Palembang is an interesting vacation destination. There are many destinations so tourists can explore this grand city. Indralaya is one of the best regions in Palembang. It holds a hidden beauty like Tanjung Senai Bridge. Actually, it is an icon of Ogan Ilir Regency. It has the length of 60 meters and the width of 7 meters. Many tourists come here for a vacation, especially during the evening. Most of them come here to enjoy a sunset. Not to mention there are nearby attractions.

An Amusing Atmosphere in Tanjung Senai Bridge
One of the best attractions near Tanjung Senai Bridge is the Lebak Swamp. Most people overlook this interesting tourist spot. They aren’t aware of its beauty. It is located about 5 km from Indralaya. It is also near to the bridge. The swamp is famous for its ambiance. Tourists can enjoy a soothing afternoon and evening with their friends. They can also take some pictures near to the bridge. Tanjung Senai Bridge is considered similar to that of Batam’s Barelang Bridge.

The beauty of panorama in Tanjung Senai Bridge features the residence of Ogan Ilir local government office. No wonder, many residents also visit the bridge during their free time. That means tourists may expect many people during the sunset. As mentioned earlier, the bridge also features a stunning swap. It is quite tempting. Tourists are likely to swim here. However, it is not allowed. The swap is considered dangerous. It is the home of many reptiles. That means swimming is prohibited.

Tanjung Senai Bridge becomes a perfect location for photography. It features many beautiful backgrounds and majestic bridge. In fact, visitors don’t need to pay for anything. It is free. They can also use the swamp as the background. The swamp has the depth of 10 meters. When it comes to the width, it is more than 80 meters. There is also the Ogan Ilir Regent’s Office. It is also a worth place to see. Tourists can witness a majestic office that comes with a vast yard. In this yard, there are some animals like birds, cows, etc.

Overall, Tanjung Senai Bridge is definitely an interesting place to visit. It features numerous attractions like a swamp, mangrove, trees, local building, etc. Most of the visitors are photographers. They want to capture some unique scenery around the bridge. Some people also want to enjoy a soothing atmosphere here. They can witness the swamp from the bridge. The best time to visit is before the sunset. Tourists should carry a camera, snacks, and drinks. It can be a distinct vacation for them.

How to Get There
From Palembang, tourists should spend about 45 km of driving. Approximately, it takes less than 2 hours. They can use the East Line of Palembang-Lampung Street. Tanjung Senai Bridge is located about 5 km from Indralaya. Those who have already been in this city can easily reach the bridge. Apart from rented car, they can also use a minibus. The trip won’t take long. There is no need to hire a tour guide either. Everyone can reach the bridge without hassle.

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