A Perfect Family Vacation in Balaputra Dewa Museum, Palembang

A perfect family vacation should include a good place and value. In Palembang, there is an interesting tourist spot. The name is Balaputra Dewa Museum. It is situated in Srijaya I 28 Street. Most of the visitors are families. They want to see some unique artifacts and historical items here. The museum displays numerous types of collections, those are pre-historic items. Also, tourists are able to witness various reminiscences of Indonesian Revolution. The staff takes a good care of these items. Not to mention each of the items owns a description. Visitors can learn about it easily.

Inside the Balaputra Dewa Museum
Actually, Balaputra Dewa Museum has three major classifications of archeological items. They are the pre-historical era, Pre Reign of Sriwijaya Kingdom, and the Sriwijaya era. In the collection of the pre-historical era, tourists can see lots of items like Homo erectus’ skull, prehistoric axes, statues, and much more. In the pre-Sriwijaya Kingdom era, there are Karang Agung’s beads. These are quite unique items. Next, visitors may see the inscriptions of the Sriwijaya Kingdom, statues, and Kembang Unglen’s beads at Sriwijaya Kingdom era’s collection.

Overall, the museum stores many types of items. These include historical, biologicals, ethnographic, arts, and other items. Apart from those three collection rooms, there is also an exhibition space. The museum also features an auditorium. In fact, there is a traditional house of Palembang by local people called it, Limas. Visitors are allowed to enter this house. They may see numerous traditional items inside. One thing, they should get a permission from the staff prior to entering the house. A guide may lead them to explore this house.

As mentioned earlier, most visitors are families. The parents can introduce the history of Palembang Sultanate and many historical items to their kids. One of the most interesting items is Songket fabric. There is a special fabric, too. The name is Naga Besaung. The length is about 6 meters. In fact, this is the pride of Balaputra Dewa Museum. Moreover, there are various traditional sculptures of Palembang.

A Guide for Tourists
The museum opens every day. Monday is an exception. It opens from 8.30 am to 3 pm. The entry fee is quite affordable. It may increase during holidays or peak seasons, though. It is allowed to carry a camera. Visitors must use it wisely, that means they shouldn’t make any fuss inside. The museum has provided some catalogs so tourists can learn and find the items they want to see. No foods and drinks are allowed.

How to Get There
The best option is to ride a private vehicle. Visitors can directly head to Jenderal Sudirman Street. At the 5th km, there will be a tourism sign “Balaputra Dewa Museum”. Next, tourists should turn left and reach Srijaya I Street. It only takes about 500 m. The museum is situated on the right side of the road. As an alternative, they can ride a public mini bus. The start point is in Ampera region. The mini bus may head to the Srijaya fork. From here, they can simply walk to reach the museum.

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