Relaxing at Punti Kayu Park, Palembang

There are many reasons to conduct a vacation. One of them is to relax. In Palembang, there is a perfect place to lounge. The name is Punti Kayu Park. It is a famous tourist attraction among families. The park is located in Kol. Berlian Street, Palembang. Local government promotes it as natural tourism. Many people visit the park for enjoying the nature. They can simply walk around and see numerous attractions here. Actually, they can do many things in Punti Kayu.

How to Enjoy a Vacation in Punti Kayu Park
As mentioned earlier, Punti Kayu Park is suitable for relaxing. Visitors only need to sit under the pine trees while eating snacks. The temperature is not hot at all. Thanks to the tree. They can bring their friends or families to enjoy such calm atmosphere of the park. In fact, there are some gazebos here. There is no fee. The gazebos are free to use. One thing, some monkeys often walk around. They are looking for foods. It is better to keep them away. Some of them even steal visitors’ foods.

Punti Kayu Park is not only about relaxation. It also offers some attractions. For instance, there is a suspension bridge. It is quite challenging. Tourists should try to use this unique bridge. It is a little unstable but it is quite fun. While crossing the bridge, tourists can see a beautiful lake below. Some duck boats and water cycles often pass by. The lake also becomes an attraction of the park. That means visitors should try it once. It will be an amusing experience for everyone.

For those with kids, Punti Kayu also offers Kid Water Park. Children can play water sports here. The water is fresh and clean. Not to mention there are some amusements like swing, carousel, and much more. However, this special area only opens on Sunday. What is next? There is the chance to ride an elephant and horse. The thing is horses are rare in Palembang. Visitors should be grateful to find some horses in Punti Kayu. In fact, they can even ride it. Not only horses, they can also ride

Next, Punti Kayu Park becomes a perfect place for outbound activities. Parents can teach confidence and bravery to their kids with it. Plus, there is the chance for camping. Some good spots in Punti Kayu are suitable for campers. Usually, junior scouts choose Punti Kayu as their camp site. There are 3 available locations. These include Acacia, Mahony, and Pine. The next attraction is the mini zoo. Visitors can witness some animals like eagles, horses, crocodiles, siamangs, and much more.

How to Get There
Punti Kayu Park opens every day. The park opens at 8 am and closes at 4 pm. The access is stress-free. Tourists can use numerous types of transportation. A minibus (angkot) is a common choice. They must ride the Km 5 line. Next, they need to use Talang Betutu line. As an alternative, there is Trans Musi. It is a more comfortable choice. Tourists only need to take Trans Musi and get off in Punti Kayu bus stop.

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