Witnessing a Notable Parameswara Monument in Palembang

Palembang is recognized as the capital of South Sumatra. It also becomes a significant tourist destination. Some tourists prefer to visit Jakabaring. It is because they want to see the magnificent Gelora Sriwijaya Stadium. Actually, there is also an interesting spot nearby. It is the Parameswara Monument. The local government constructed the monument to greet the beginning of PON 2004. It has the shape of banana leaves. The name of the monument comes from the name of a prince. He was a brave and loyal general.

Get Closer to Parameswara Monument
Parameswara Monument is indeed a famous landmark in Palembang. Apart from its majestic architecture, the monument becomes a place for gathering. Many tourists come here to simply relax and enjoy an afternoon. It is free to get close to the monument. One thing, they shouldn’t ruin the park and stain the pool. Most of the visitors love to take some pictures near to the monument. It is because Parameswara has a unique shape. Not to mention it is quite big.

The best time to visit Parameswara Monument is during the operation of a fountain. Unfortunately, it only happens in an occasional manner. In the past, the monument features a 24-hour fountain attraction. Today, it usually appears in the evening. The fountain is the greatest feature of the monument. It also combines beautiful lights in the evening. What a romantic place! Near to the monument, there are some food stands. The most popular snack is grilled corn. There are also some drinks and local foods.

The next common tourist activity in Parameswara Monument is cycling. Many local people come here for casual sports. These include cycling, jogging, and much more. No wonder, they want to release stresses. A daily routine makes them distressed. Thanks to the monument. Tourists can relieve their burdens in a simple manner. They can enjoy a great afternoon by cycling around here. There is also the chance to meet new people. The most crowded time is during weekends and holidays.

As mentioned earlier, Parameswara Monument is located near to Jakabaring Sports City. That means tourists can also visit such good tourist spot after exploring the monument. Many sports venues are available. They can enjoy swimming, playing badminton, or anything. For those who love photography, the monument can be a great background. The best time to take pictures is in the evening. At this time, the monument features a beautiful fountain and lights. Also, the monument is quite crowded in the fasting month. Many Moslems spend an afternoon while waiting for the fast breaking time.

How to Get There
Parameswara Monument is situated in H. Bastari Street, Jakabaring. Actually, the monument acts as a traffic roundabout. Thus, it is easy to find it. From the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport, tourists can directly head to Jakabaring. The best transportation is a taxi. Actually, Trans Musi is also a good idea. The trip takes about 40 minutes. Though, it can take longer due to a traffic jam. Fortunately, the road is quite smooth and in a good condition. It is definitely a comfortable trip.

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