Some Famous Icons of Palembang

Tourists have a different motivation when they are visiting a specific tourist destination. Though, most of them want to know the icons of the place they go to see. In Palembang, there are many recognized icons of the city. In fact, it is too many. Most of the tourists have been familiar with Empek-empek. It is the traditional food of Palembang. It has a savory and unique taste. Almost all visitors never miss Empek-empek when they are in Palembang. It is available in many parts of the city. So, what are the other icons?

Top Destinations in Palembang
Palembang is a big city. That means tourists can explore many attractive places here. There is a majestic landmark in Palembang. The name is Ampera Bridge. Beneath the bridge, there is the Musi River. It is also quite well-known. These tourist spots open many possibilities. That means visitors can simply relax, enjoy the scenery, take pictures, or do other things. At the end of the day, they can look for a food stand. The most famous food is definitely Empek-empek. What an interesting vacation!

The next Palembang icon is Kemaro Island. In order to reach this tourist attraction, visitors must ride either a speedboat or traditional boat. The beauty of nature is indeed satisfying. There is also some unique architecture like Chinese Temples, Pagoda, and numerous historical sites. The most famous temple is Hok Tjing Rio. Visitors are able to witness a local tradition like Cap Go Meh here. In front of the temple, there are some ancient tombs of lovers. It also features the Tree of Love.

Next, there is Kuto Besak Fort. It is a popular spot for young people, families, or foreigners. Simply said, it is a nice location to hang around and meet new people. There are some local delicacies here. When it comes to Musi River, tourists are able to rent a motor boat. A cruise adventure is a good idea. It can be a unique vacation for them. In the morning, they can visit another famous icon of Palembang. It is Jakabaring Sports City. It is actually the center of sports venues.

Some Precautions
Just because Palembang offers many types of attractions, doesn’t mean it is perfect. Theft can be an issue. Tourists should take care of their possessions. Carelessness is a big problem. Not to mention the public transportation is often crowded. The safest and most comfortable transportation is a taxi. It will be better if tourists rent a car. There are many car rent services in Palembang, after all.

How to Get There
The simplest way to reach Palembang is by plane. Tourists only need to head to Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport. The airport is crowded during holidays, though. If people choose to come to Palembang by bus, they can use any bus services from other cities. Though, they need to pass Sunda Strait by ferry if they come from Jakarta. It is also possible to come by train. However, it is not recommended. The rail transport to this city is quite limited.

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